About this training

Do you feel like you have to do everything perfect? And are you always preoccupied with things that could go wrong? Or what others think? Or would you rather bury your head deep down in the ground, because you dread that particular assessment? Of course everyone sometimes thinks: shit, I won’t be able to do it. That’s healthy and keeps you sharp. But if that thought triggers a fear that is too intense so it blocks you, then you suffer from fear of failure. It is a common problem among students and employees and prevents you from performing optimally and causes excessive feelings of stress.

In this training you will learn to deal with fear of failure. You may not completely get rid of your fear of failure, and you don’t have to, but you will learn how to let it hinder you as little as possible. You will do this on the basis of four training courses, which you will actually use in your study, work or leisure time. Only this way will you notice that your complaints can indeed decrease.


For whom?

This training has been developed for anyone aged over 16 who suffers from fear of failure. The training is particularly suitable for students and people who are in employment or looking for work.


What will you learn?

  • You learn what fear of failure is, how it works and how it hinders.
  • You learn which situations create tension and why.
  • You will learn various techniques to reduce high tension as a result of fear of failure and how not to be hindered by this.
  • You experience what helps you when dealing with fear of failure.


In the first session (session 1) you will receive an explanation about fear of failure and you will think about a learning goal. Then (session 2) you learn what tension does to your body and how you can detect high tension early in order to intervene in time. In the third session (session 3) you start with the first practical training. You will look at your unhelpful thoughts and challenge them into helpful thoughts. In the second practical training (session 4) you will practice concentration training. This is a method from top sport where you focus your attention on the task only. The third practical training (session 5) deals with the importance of relaxation. In the fourth practical training (session 6) you will learn more about yourself. How can you increase your confidence in your own abilities? How do you reduce your fear of a setback or failure? And how do you reduce your fear of what others think of you? Finally (session 7) you close the training and evaluate your learning goal.


Duration: 5-6 weeks

Themes: Productivity, fear of failure, anxiety, studying, work, performance pressure, stress

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