Freelance React Native Front-end Developer for 2-5 months

Looking for a challenging project in a fast growing company? Apply your frontend and app development experience and become part of a new temporary team?

Workday impression

Like the rest of our organisation, you kick off your workday at home, as our office locations are closed until further notice. That provides you with a maximum influence on your coffee of choice, and a minimum amount of travel time. Together with your front-end colleague of your new team, you coordinate the activities of the day and start improving our video calling application, based on the planning made with the IT Lead of Gezondeboel and Therapieland.


Your tasks

You will temporarily form a new two-headed team focused on video calling. Our video calling application is incorporated in our platform and has a separate app (React Native) in the App and Play Store. The base of this application is our Python/Django backend, with the Jitsi library for the video calling functionality.

As a Senior front-end developer, you will be working on the further development of our application in React Native, but can expect to also touch some Java or Swift code or to further develop the app. You do not look surprised when we start talking about WebRTC, Websockets or the implementation of these technologies in the application. You will be working independently, however the IT Team lead is always available for brainstorming or questions.


Who are we?

We are a fast growing, young and innovative company with 50 young, enthusiastic, hard-working professionals. We develop mental e-Health applications for people searching for self-help and also for patients working with mental health care institutions. With around 200,000 users, we are one of the largest providers in the Netherlands. Through the development of e-Health modules, Virtual Reality, video calling and innovative projects, we provide mental health care and prevention programs in an easily accessible and inspiring way.


More information 

For more information contact Jacqueline de Werker ( If you are interested in the job, send us your application, together with your profile including hourly rate and availability to

To be successful in this role you:

  • are experienced with React Native and front-end development;
  • are experienced with similar frontend frameworks like React Native (React, Vue.js, Angular);
  • take initiative and like to work individually;
  • know cross platform development, including Android, iOS and Oculus;
  • can design, build and maintain efficient, clean, reusable, and reliable code;
  • have knowledge of or passion for Virtual Reality;
  • handle deadlines like a piece of cake.


You would be a hero if you also have experience with:

  • web streaming and WebRTC;
  • Django or Python;
  • Java and Swift.